A buncha stuff, and then some…

So a lot of things have happened since the last post… and even before then.

Microsoft PDC (Professional Developers Conference) was last November, and I was fortunate to be able to go with a few other CygNet employees.

Christmas was crazy, shuffling back and forth between families plus a sick kid ridden with two ear infections…  New Year’s was just as crazy, down in Camarillo – Kai screaming his head off from 10PM to 4am in the hotel like someone was sticking him with needles.

Valentine’s Day was chill, with us hanging out at home and able to go out to dinner the following night (although Jen was really sick and feeling like crap).

And now… here we are… and Kai is almost 11 months old.  Can it really have been almost a year now?

I’m getting old.

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