Palm Springs and the ESRI Developer Summit

Been at the ESRI Developer Summit in Palm Springs since Sunday.  The drive out here was about 5, 5.5 hours but luckily Caleb drove the whole way.  I am NOT looking forward to this drive by myself tomorrow!  But I AM looking forward to seeing Jen and Kai… immensely.

Anyways, we’re at the Hyatt Regency.  Caleb said that it was pretty much a dump last year, but they’ve renovated since then and it’s actually pretty nice.  Couldn’t be any worse than the dump that Jen and i stayed in when she had to go down for Federal jury duty.  Ugh.

Downtown Palm Springs is interesting.  There are a lot of good restaurants within walking distance.  There are a lot of families with their kids, and a lot of girls dressed up like they’re going out clubbing but we had yet to see any clubs.  Two “pubs” and some liquor stores and that was it.  Where are these people going?  I think i’m too boring of a person to ever venture out and find out.

The Convention Center had some cool sculptures and stuff outside in this rock garden type area.  And they had a Chair Forest!  Who knew such things existed?  Surely not I!

Here are some pics from the whole thingy.

On the way out, i kept passing this truck.  the logo on the side said Super White Power.  I guess there was a brand of trucks, White.  Interesting how that sounds now though.

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