SLO Riders Bike Night

In-N-Out after the ride up north

Tonight was the same as any night… sort of – I went on a ride with the SLO Riders Motorcycle Group (not sure its really a “club”).  It was a ton of fun.  They’re not picky about who goes on the rides (hence me being able to go) and they’re really safe and even have a lead/trail biker to make sure no one gets lost.  Pretty nice. 

I’m definitely not as fast as a lot of those guys, especially the guys on the super crotch rockets – not only can i barely keep up on my little Honda Hawk GT, but they’re super quick in the twisties and i’m definitely not there. 

 Tonight’s ride was up 101 from SLO to Hwy 58 through Santa Margarita, and out to Hwy 229 N, cutting over Hwy 41W to Atascadero, where we stopped for some dinner.  A quick bite to eat and we made our way back down Hwy 101 to SLO to meet up at McCarthy’s for the weekly Bike Night. 

 Met Fleezus, Julie, Matt, and Alex there – had a Guinness with them and hung out for a little while, then took off for the trek back up to Paso.  Definitely fun, wish I had a bike that could more easily keep up – that’s not complaining, i’m grateful to even HAVE a motorcycle!

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