Bear River

What a great week of camping so far!  This is the “old cabin” that we all used as a common eating place and food storage.  We spent the entire trip sleeping in the tent trailer with Mike and Mary (that mattress seems to be much more comfortable than my Thermarest as of late).

The rest of the time was hiking, a teeny bit of fishing, horseshoes, swimming, and beer.  With a little bit of reading thrown in for good measure.  This has got to be one of the more relaxing vacations i’ve been on in a long time.  All I had to worry about was waking up, and showing up for meals/beer.  Well, and going to the bathroom.

In order to get to this place, most people require 4×4 trucks/vehicles because of the need to cross the river a couple times and some steep rocky hills and fire roads.  You really feel isolated out there and its so quiet. 

I should have brought my guns!

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