Carmel Valley weekend getaway – it was swell

Mike and Mary treated us all to a nice relaxing weekend at the Carmel Valley Lodge, the same place that we had a nice weekend a couple years ago.  Its out in Carmel Valley (obviously) and is close to a nice tiny downtown area, a lot of restaurants, and even more wineries.  Monterey County has some great wineries (not as great as Paso though!) and this place seems like a good place to start.  Just like last time we were there, it was raining pretty good but that didn’t deter us from having a great time.  Although we didn’t make it to any tasting rooms, I definitely did not miss out on “tasting” some good wine and some good beer.

We also got to celebrate Dave’s birthday, which is on Tuesday.  The big Three-Oh.  You’re gettin’ old, Dave!  I mean.. Happy Birthday, Dave!

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  1. Fred Curtis says:


    Great picture of you guys! Jen looks awesome and yes my soon to be dad, baby stuff costs $$. And trust me, it DOES NOT get cheaper as they get older! Hint: Get the toys and cool stuff you want now, before the baby arrives!!

    Missed you guys in C’marillo, had a great time with the family. I missed the last 2 years so I had fun!

    Here’s a link to the cheesy pictures I took:

    Not as cool or composed as yours but I captured the moment.

    Hugs and kisses to Jen!


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