Tahoe Snowboarding Trip

Took a nice trip up to Tahoe for a snowboarding weekend.  Marcia was gracious enough to let us use the cabin, so we all had a nicely affordable place to stay.  

We had a bit of a conversation trying to figure out who was going to get chains, if anyone had 4WD, etc. when Mike and Mary offered to let us use the truck to get everything up there (sweet!).  The truck worked out perfectly and had plenty of room to hold all of our stuff as well as all the people we were carpooling with.  I believe that I broke the brakes though.  Well, they need to be replaced.  I think.  I don’t know.

Du, John, and Zack had never snowboarded before so Dave, Phil, and I took them out to Heavenly on Saturday and showed them the ropes.  Not bad, they all had it down by the end of the day.  Just three of us went to Sierra at Tahoe on Sunday.  We finished and made it back in time to watch the Super Bowl.

Much Rock Band and Wii gaming was done, as well as alcohol consumption.  What a great weekend!

Thanks for taking the pic, Du.

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  1. Mike says:

    Got the brakes done. Wasn’t you fault! 84000 miles with original brakes. It was just time. Radiator also needs to be replaced. It leaked over a gallon through a small pinhole after you and I filled it up. I’m just glad the truck got you there and back w/o too much headache. Your pic looks like you guys are gonna give someone a major asswhoopin’!

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