Leaning Pine Arboretum @ Cal Poly

Took a trip to the Leaning Pine Arboretum on Cal Poly’s campus.  Its out by the sheep.  It was really nice, even though I went mid-day some of the pics turned out not half bad.  This would be a great place to visit for anyone who enjoys flowers/plants and there were tons of birds there, if not visible at least audible.  It sounds like a jungle!

From the Leaning Pine website:

Collections are arranged primarily by nativity and feature a 
diverse array of trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants 
appropriate for California's Central Coast area. The gardens 
display hundreds of unique and intriguing plants primarily 
from the world's five mediterranean climate regions: Australia, 
California, Chile, the Mediterranean basin, and South Africa. 
The arboretum also has a New Zealand garden, a Dwarf and Unusual 
Conifer garden, a Formal garden, and displays of cycads, palms, 
and numerous succulents.

I’d definitely take a trip out there (sunset-ish would work best) and at least explore the gardens, its completely worth it.


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